Armed & Unarmed Self Defense Training

Your Mission: To acquire the skills and training needed to protect you and your loved ones against violent attacks.

Our Mission: To help you get there by providing Florida Concealed Gun Permit classes and non-lethal Self-Defense and Pepper Spray classes.

When did it become politically correct to sacrifice your own safety, and the safety of your loved ones, to avoid fighting back against a violent assault?

You have the right to defend your own life and the lives of your family.

  • It’s 3 AM and an armed intruder kicks in your front door. Will you be able to protect your loved ones against a home intrusion?
  • You are walking to your car through a half-empty parking lot and someone jumps out and tries to drag you into their van. Do you know what to do?
  • A disgruntled former employee shows up on your job and starts shooting at your co-workers. Can you end his rampage before it’s too late?

You don’t have to be a ‘gun nut’ to get your Florida Concealed Carry Permit any more than you have to be a ‘car nut’ to drive a car. All you have to do is receive the proper gun handling and shooting training and you can be issued your concealed carry permit. And you can get that training right here.

We realize there may be times that a dangerous assault may not rise to the level where using a gun is called for or justified. That why we also offer one of the country’s top-rated Unarmed Self Defense Classes that teaches you how to defend yourself by properly deploying pepper spray. We also teach you how to use your hands’ feet and common objects to leverage your force and defeat unarmed attackers.

You can take one or both classes. Getting your Florida gun permit training, along with receiving unarmed self-defense training, puts you in the position to present the maximum self defense response regardless of the level of attack you are experiencing.

Don’t be a victim. Make sure you and your loved ones walk away safely from an assault, and not the other guy.

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