Florida Concealed Gun Permit Training

Your Mission: To acquire the skills and training needed to qualify for a Florida Concealed Weapon Carry Permit (CCW)

Our Mission: To help you get there by providing authorized Florida Concealed Gun Permit classes.

You can complete the Florida Concealed Weapon training class in one day.

Our NRA-Certified Concealed Gun Permit Classes Gives You ALL The Classroom and Range Training Experience You Need.

Once you complete our class, you will meet all of the training requirements  necessary to carry a concealed gun in Florida and many other states.

  • Whether you have no gun experience, or are a seasoned gun owner, this class is for you.
  • You will learn and practice safe gun handling techniques.
  • You will become familiar with how a semi-automatic gun works and how to handle, load, aim and fire.
  • You will learn gun maintenance and cleaning procedures.

Our classes are fun, friendly and complete.  You won’t just sit and listen to lectures. Our interactive training methods put you right in the center of the action. If you want to carry a concealed weapon in Florida and many other states, you can start your training right here.

Don’t put it off. Start down the short road to getting your Florida Concealed Carry Permit right now.

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